James & James: Winter 2021 Elixirs at Gilly Brew Bar Featured on James Hoffman's Channel

Gilly Brew Bar (previously featured here, here, and here) is one of the most innovative coffee shops in Atlanta, if not the United States.

Founder Daniel Brown and his team have been creating unique elixirs since 2018. For winter 2021 seasonal elixirs, the team created a video about the coffee shop, the founding story, and the James & James elixirs (the theme for the 2021 winter elixirs). This video was kept mostly under wraps the last several months until February 5, when it dropped as the first guest submission on James Hoffman’s YouTube channel.

Writes James Hoffman on opening up his YouTube channel to guest video submissions:

I’m going to be away from YT, and social media mostly, for February. As such I decided to turn the channel over to guest creators. The deal was that we’d give them some funding, help in any way with video creation and then they’d take all of the ad revenue the video earned. I opened up applications and nearly 500 people wrote pitches! We wanted to make it accessible as possible and so we tried not to make too many hoops for people to jump through. What I was looking for were ideas or stories from smaller creators that were interesting and also the kinds of videos that I couldn’t make.

Picking 4 videos from 500 was impossible. In the end we picked 5. In addition we picked an additional 7 creators whose ideas we loved and gave them some funding just to help them make videos on their own channels. I will do my best to share those videos as those creators make them, and we will build a playlist with all the videos in there to share. I’m excited to see the videos (I’ve seen some but not all of them, it’s a challenging world right now and we’ve asked creators to err on the side of caution whenever possible), and I’m excited for you to see them. I am very grateful for this community and I’m sure you’ll be welcoming and supportive of their ideas, stories and work.

Gilly Brew Bar’s video was one of the four videos selected by James Hoffman in this prestigious honor. The full video is embedded below:

The entire 12+ minute video is worth watching in entirety. Featuring the how-to and inspiration for the 2021 elixir lineup, James & James:

  • Chapter 1 (aka “Soup on the Rocks”): tea-based elixir, bouillon and spices

  • Chapter 2 (aka “Marlboro Red”): coffee-based elixir

  • Chapter 3 (aka “Fire Next Time”): coffee-based elixir

  • Chapter 4 (aka “Rocked by Rage”): tea-based elixir

  • Chapter 5 (aka “Rains of Justice”): tea-based elixir

If you’re in Atlanta, all five James & James elixirs are available at Gilly Brew Bar now. Congrats to the entire Gilly Gang on this incredible feature!


Not in Atlanta? You can support Gilly Brew Bar by purchasing the James & James elixir recipes for at-home use on Gilly Brew Bar’s website.


This post first appeared on the Atlanta Coffee Shops blog.