Atlanta Coffee Shops: Tip Jars and Crowdfunding Campaigns to Help Employees

The aim of this post is to highlight a growing list of Atlanta Coffee Shops that have set up virtual tip jars1 to support their baristas/employees with the uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic unfolding across the globe.

List of Atlanta Coffee Shops with Tip Jars or Crowdfunding Campaigns

Buteco Coffee (ACS blog post here). Virtual Tip Jar via Go Fund Me.

Chattahoochee Coffee Co. (ACS blog posts here and here). Virtual Tip Jar on Venmo @ChattCoffeeTips and a GoFundMe campaign.

Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop. Virtual Tip Jar via Go Fund Me.

Little Tart Bakeshopselling swag, the proceeds of which go 100% to the employee fund.

Muchachoselling merchandise, with 100% of proceeds supporting the staff.

Refuge Coffee Co.: Virtual Tip Jar via Donately.

Taproom Coffee (ACS blog post here). Virtual Tip Jar on Venmo: @taproomcoffee

This is an evolving post — please check back soon.

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Footnotes and References:

  1. It is the stance of ACS that contributing to the collective virtual coffee shop jar/crowdfunding campaign is a more equitable, democratic way to share funds across baristas/employees at the coffee shop compared to contributing to individual employees/baristas..